Many Moments of Memories

Created by Rob 3 years ago

Hello David,

Thank you so much for receiving me so warmly into CamSocLon.  Through the years, visits to the Supreme Court, the Royal Navy in Docklands, several wallks with Lesley Hillman and Caroline Piper, both of whom have been excellent guides and with the extra layers of information about Cambridge associations that come with being an alumna/us.  Several pleasurable visits to Lords’s for the Varsity Match, where your considerable skills were always in evidence as you managed to keep two boxes of CU alumni in a happy mood on many occasions.  Memorably you dodged a ball when ‘the other place’ triumphed - the last laugh with you when you retained a trophy!  I’m sure Lord’s would never have wished to keep it to offer to Jimmy Anderson in its lacerated state.  Gratitude for all that enjoyment.  Rob Heap.